I find that learning new things keeps me young.

Reading is good for the soul

I didn’t grow up believing I would be an author of a book. In fact I spent most of my life in Telecommunications and Computer Networking.

Now, as a retired person, I needed something to do so I began building Gaming Computers and selling them on ebay.

The economy we live in today is not very conducive to expensive gaming machines. Needless to say it was the cheaper ones that sold.

I began to receive request for information on how it was done, so I decided to write a book and explain it. The problem with computer geeks is that the terms we find simple to understand are rocket science to the average joe. So,,,how to instruct someone in terms they can understand….


I’m also a cook, so why not use cooking terms instead…this would be something just about everyone would know.

And it worked…everyone who has read the book says it is very easy to learn to build there own computer from my book.

That is how I got started writing and today I love it.

At 66 years of age and finding that using simple terms I can teach someone difficult things is pure joy.

I plan to write a few more books and will post them here and on my Facebook page…



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